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Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is one of the most important part of a company to keep the customer and the clients happy by paying them on time.

Accounts Receivable

Good receivables management will directly contribute to your business’s profit due to its ability to reduce bad debt. The benefits include a better cash flow and higher availability of liquidity for your business’s investments and acquisitions.

Carrier On-boarding

To the factoring companies, the carrier is a client and needs to be signed up and on-boarded. We take care of this procedure with due diligence and utmost efficiency.

Customer Support/Help-desk Services

 Customers derive great confidence and peace of mind from having adequate technical support at their disposal to assist them in their various queries and needs. This is crucial to the functioning and effective upkeep of a company. It also helps to create a long-term relationship with the client base.

Truck Dispatch Services

At all times we ensure that the trucks are actively running on-duty and that they do not return empty.

Back Office Data Management Services

Back Office deals with more data processing activities. The back office also handles all the processes needed to keep a company running.

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